So Bake Off just finished…

I tried very hard to think of an example of baking in comics. I really did. But I haven’t read far enough into Chew to get to a baking bit, and Superman isn’t that big on baking as far as i know. So I had to go for Deadpool. I don’t even know if pancakes are baked per se, but hey, baking.

Deadpool #16, by Daniel Way and Paco Medina


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New Issue of the Week: Saga #37

Saga is an epic comic, set elsewhere in the galaxy, featuring an interstellar war between species, bounty hunters, a decent amount of sex, and a fair few quests

But most importantly? It’s a story of parenthood, and a story of growing up. In the first few pages of the first issue, a child is born. That puts a lot of people off the story, as you do get to see the birth, but don’t be squeamish. The child that is born, who is also a part-time narrator from the future, is the daughter of two different species, who just so happen to be the ones at war, so immediately the family are forced on the run

And that’s all i’ll tell you about the story. Saying much more would be saying too much, and would take away from the experience. But I’ll say this. It’s written by Brian K. Vaughan, who wrote Runaways and Y: The Last Man, and has spectacular art by Fiona Staples, who is currently doing an excellent job on the new Archie run, and the combination of those pair should be enough to tell you that the comic is worth reading

Saga #37, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, Image


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Character of the Week: Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew was injected with an experimental serum and gained powers. Or she was hit by a laser whilst in the womb, and gained powers. Or she was a spider that turned into a human

New Avengers #15, Frank Cho


I think the second of those is technically the current origin story for her. It was a special laser, aight? The origin of her powers isn’t important, its what happened next. She was taken in by Hydra, and worked as their agent having been brainwashed. Obviously she broke free, but Hydra played an important part in her early life, and again later. However, in a twist of fate where her body died when her astral form was elsewhere (don’t ask), she lost her powers

Spider-Woman Hydra.jpg
Spider-Woman: Origin #2, Jonathan Luna

Having spent some time as a P.I., she was recruited by Hydra to work within S.H.I.E.L.D. as a double agent, in return for which they would give her back her powers. Which, interestingly, Nick Fury encouraged. She fed Hydra false information for a time, until it was revealed that the Hyrda cell she was working for was actually made up of Skrulls. Then Secret Invasion happened. For a long time, it had seemed like Jessica was part of the New Avengers, but in reality it was the Skrull queen, Veranke in her place, and using Jessica’s image she lead a Skrull invasion. When the crisis was over, the real Jessica was found and returned to Earth from the Skrull ship she was being held in, along with dozens of other heroes


Secret Invasion promotion]
Secret Invasion Promotional Poster


Understandably, Jessica wasn’t best pleased with the Skrulls after this. She joined S.W.O.R.D. (yep, that exists) to root out any Skrulls left over from the invasion force, as well as joining the New Avengers properly, despite an initial lack of trust from her teammates. From there, she’s had a pretty easy and uneventful run, being a part of multiple Avengers squads, and having a minor role in the Spider-Verse storyline. Nothing major has really happened in her life

Spiderwoman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D., by Alex Maleev


Until now that is. Jessica decided that she wanted a child. She had been dating an unknown person, and had a scare, at which point she realised that she actually really wanted that baby. I’d hate to spoil who the father is for you all, as the storyline is being covered in the current Spider-Woman series, but its safe to say that this is a whole new twist on her character (though there is certainly some Skrull hating thrown in there, which is to be expected when they take over an alien maternity ward)

Spider-Woman preggers
Spider-Woman #1, by Javier Rodriguez


So who is Spider-Woman? Well, she can climb walls, she is super strong, so she’s basically just Spider-Man with different parts, right? Wrong. She also has control of pheromones, she can fire bio-electric blasts, and she is basically immune to most poisons, toxins and forms of radiation. But the powers don’t make her. It’s how she reacts to situations. She is passionate and emotional, but she doesn’t let that get in the way of her level headed realism, and she always knows how to correctly handle a situation. Unless it involves Skrulls, but hey, everyone has a weakness, right?


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Lanterns are OP

It’s pretty well established that the best weapon in the DC Universe is a lantern ring. So something that always confused me is why major characters seemed to very rarely get to use them. Obviously its because having everyone being a lantern would be boring, but in-universe? It’s just a bit strange that all these people with strong emotional control. Yeah, theres that Elseworlds story with Batman getting a yellow ring, but in the main universe? You’d have thought someone like Red Hood would have the anger for a red ring, or Wonder Woman would get an Indigo ring, but it so rarely happens. It made Blackest Night a fantastic event to read, because its something that so rarely happens, but the time I’d like to highlight is the Red Daughter of Krypton arc in Supergirl and Red Lanterns.

Not to spoil the arcs of either book, but Guy Gardner is leader of a group of intelligent Red Lanterns, and a red ring finds Kara. Whilst Gardner is intent on keeping her safe, so as not to incur the wrath of her cousin, she has a profound effect on the team, and whilst she obviously does not stay a Lantern for long, it effects her deeply. For someone who is so kind, a red ring is the opposite of what you’d expect, but her kindness is what sets her apart from the other Lanterns, and it rubs off on them

Supergirl #30, cover by Kenneth Rocafort, written by Tony Bedard, DC


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A big part of comics is the art

And some art is just special. Mike Del Mundo is a fantastic painter that doesn’t really have a major title to his name yet, but to me, his best work is that on Elektra. Especially these two pages. Yeah, his Weirdworld interiors are fantastic, yeah, his covers for Vision are exemplary, but his work here just stands out for me

Elektra Art1Elektra Art2

Elektra #1, by W. Haden Blackman and Mike Del Mundo, Marvel


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For my first post, Queen

You’ve probably heard of Sex Criminals. No, I don’t mean that sort

When I first heard  about it, I, like most people, was kind of confused about why there was a series called Sex Criminals in the first place, and what on Earth it could be about. Well, in short, people stop time when they orgasm and then rob banks. Which is an… interesting idea to say the least. It’s written by Matt Fraction, he of Hawkeye and Immortal Iron Fist and Invincible Iron Man fame, and drawn by the equally funny Chip Zdarsky, who is currently on Howard The Duck, so based on that alone I picked up the first trade, and I wasn’t quite sure about it. And then I got to the third issue. And these four pages blew me away.

At this point, I knew the book had sold itself to me

Sex Criminals #3, by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, Image


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