You’ve probably heard of Sex Criminals. No, I don’t mean that sort

When I first heard  about it, I, like most people, was kind of confused about why there was a series called Sex Criminals in the first place, and what on Earth it could be about. Well, in short, people stop time when they orgasm and then rob banks. Which is an… interesting idea to say the least. It’s written by Matt Fraction, he of Hawkeye and Immortal Iron Fist and Invincible Iron Man fame, and drawn by the equally funny Chip Zdarsky, who is currently on Howard The Duck, so based on that alone I picked up the first trade, and I wasn’t quite sure about it. And then I got to the third issue. And these four pages blew me away.

At this point, I knew the book had sold itself to me

Sex Criminals #3, by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, Image


James, The Wonder Witch


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