It’s pretty well established that the best weapon in the DC Universe is a lantern ring. So something that always confused me is why major characters seemed to very rarely get to use them. Obviously its because having everyone being a lantern would be boring, but in-universe? It’s just a bit strange that all these people with strong emotional control. Yeah, theres that Elseworlds story with Batman getting a yellow ring, but in the main universe? You’d have thought someone like Red Hood would have the anger for a red ring, or Wonder Woman would get an Indigo ring, but it so rarely happens. It made Blackest Night a fantastic event to read, because its something that so rarely happens, but the time I’d like to highlight is the Red Daughter of Krypton arc in Supergirl and Red Lanterns.

Not to spoil the arcs of either book, but Guy Gardner is leader of a group of intelligent Red Lanterns, and a red ring finds Kara. Whilst Gardner is intent on keeping her safe, so as not to incur the wrath of her cousin, she has a profound effect on the team, and whilst she obviously does not stay a Lantern for long, it effects her deeply. For someone who is so kind, a red ring is the opposite of what you’d expect, but her kindness is what sets her apart from the other Lanterns, and it rubs off on them

Supergirl #30, cover by Kenneth Rocafort, written by Tony Bedard, DC


James, The Wonder Witch


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