What is the worst mistake that has been made in the Marvel Universe?

It’s a pretty big question, and one big answer is undoubtedly the creation of Ultron. Not necessarily the idea of creating artificial intelligence, as there is inherently nothing wrong with that, it is just that it happened to be Ultron. The decision weighs pretty damn heavily on Hank Pym, as Ultron has been a threat to the entire planet on multiple occasions, but at least he has the birth of Vision as a direct consequence of Ultron’s creation to allay some of his fears that it was purely a bad decision.

But if you think that making Ultron was bad enough, not making Ultron is actually worse, and it is shown in Age of Ultron. For the first few issues, we see a dystopia where Ultron has taken over, and it is… Let’s leave it at bad, and point out that She-Hulk and Luke Cage, two damn-near invulnerable heroes, both die. Bad doesn’t quite cover it, does it?

And a plan is made to stop this. So Wolverine and Sue Storm go back in time, and kill Hank Pym.

Oh Wolverine, you couldn’t be more wrong. Stopping the creation of Ultron meant that Morgan Le Fay could take over the world. Pretty big mistake Logan, pretty big mistake.

Age of Ultron #6, by Brian Michael Bendis and Brandon Peterson, Marvel


James, The Wonder Witch


2 thoughts on “Age of Ultron: Not just a movie

  1. I know you see me commenting, James. And that’s one of the most basic principles of comic book time travel – something worse takes its place. Name me one time when that hasn’t been the case.


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