Two DC titles in two weeks, sorry! And two Batman titles in two weeks, even worse!

At the start of the New 52, Francis Manapul (alongside Brian Buccellato) did an excellent run on The Flash, before moving onto Detective Comics for a time, and has proved that he can draw top Justice Leaguers in action. Which is good, because Trinity features the big three of DC, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

In case you are very behind, this is a new Superman, with Lois and his son Jon in tow, and Diana and Bruce don’t know him well yet. So this issue is the pair of them going to dinner at the Kent house. And it is beautifully written and drawn, both by Manapul, the talented so and so. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend it to people who haven’t read at least the first few issues of Wonder Woman, who don’t know the gist of the recent Lois & Clark series, and don’t know what’s going on in the current Superman run, it is an excellent read for those that have, and even those that haven’t will still enjoy it.

Trinity #1, by Francis Manapul, DC


James, The Wonder Witch


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