New Issue of the Week: Paper Girls #10

Paper Girls is a fun series written by Brian K. Vaughan, the author of classic series like Y: The Last Man, Runaways and Saga, so automatically you should realise that this series is worth a read. No slight on the art either, Chiang and Wilson do an exceent job of bringing the world to life. The story centres around a group of young girls in the late 80s, on their paper round, where they find… Well, I can’t just tell you, you’ll have to read it for yourself! But this issue is the final part of the second arc, and the last issue for a few months, so now is the time to start catching up!

Paper Girls #10, by Brian K. Vaughan, Cligg Chiang & Matt Wilson, Image


James, The Wonder Witch


New Issue of the Week: Trinity #1

Two DC titles in two weeks, sorry! And two Batman titles in two weeks, even worse!

At the start of the New 52, Francis Manapul (alongside Brian Buccellato) did an excellent run on The Flash, before moving onto Detective Comics for a time, and has proved that he can draw top Justice Leaguers in action. Which is good, because Trinity features the big three of DC, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

In case you are very behind, this is a new Superman, with Lois and his son Jon in tow, and Diana and Bruce don’t know him well yet. So this issue is the pair of them going to dinner at the Kent house. And it is beautifully written and drawn, both by Manapul, the talented so and so. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend it to people who haven’t read at least the first few issues of Wonder Woman, who don’t know the gist of the recent Lois & Clark series, and don’t know what’s going on in the current Superman run, it is an excellent read for those that have, and even those that haven’t will still enjoy it.

Trinity #1, by Francis Manapul, DC


James, The Wonder Witch

New Issue of the Week: Detective Comics #940

The current Detective Comics run has been excellent, and this is to be the last issue of the current arc, before a crossover with Nightwing and Batman begins. The ongoing story is that Batman and Batwoman have set up a team of people that they think can, with a bit of training, fight crime to their level in Gotham, and that team is made up of Orphan (Cassandra Cain), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Red Robin (Tim Drake) and Clayface. Yup, Clayface. As you would expect, a team with two Robins, two Batgirls, and six badasses is as excellent as it sounds, but then factor in that they are fighting a team of men in armour that are training to become Batmen, and the series climbs to new heights.

This is a very dramatic conclusion to the arc, and I have no doubt that if you like the characters then you will stumble across big spoilers for the end of the issue, but I absolutely recommend it to you all.


Detective Comics #940, by James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira


James, The Wonder Witch

New Issue of the Week: Flintstones #3

In a week where the main Batman and Superman titles are released, as well as some of my personal favourite series in Moon Knight and Green Arrow, having a title like Flintstones up here might seem like a joke. I mean, it’s the Flintstones, it’s just going to be a childish, all-ages romp through cheeseville.

Of course there’s a bit of that. But not too much. Especially not when the issue features pages like this.

It’s not all like that, don’t worry, but this series is looking to be a surprise hit

Flintstones #3, by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh, DC


James, The Wonder Witch

New Issue of the Week: Saga #37

Saga is an epic comic, set elsewhere in the galaxy, featuring an interstellar war between species, bounty hunters, a decent amount of sex, and a fair few quests

But most importantly? It’s a story of parenthood, and a story of growing up. In the first few pages of the first issue, a child is born. That puts a lot of people off the story, as you do get to see the birth, but don’t be squeamish. The child that is born, who is also a part-time narrator from the future, is the daughter of two different species, who just so happen to be the ones at war, so immediately the family are forced on the run

And that’s all i’ll tell you about the story. Saying much more would be saying too much, and would take away from the experience. But I’ll say this. It’s written by Brian K. Vaughan, who wrote Runaways and Y: The Last Man, and has spectacular art by Fiona Staples, who is currently doing an excellent job on the new Archie run, and the combination of those pair should be enough to tell you that the comic is worth reading

Saga #37, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, Image


James, The Wonder Witch